West London Collective is all about bringing together the finest cars together from West London but as it so happens, as time goes by, more and more from further afield are showing up with seriously amazing cars.

It started at a random photoshoot with some friends that I had organised randomly on the day, it was just an idea, we were messing around in a car park making a insane amount of noise thanks to Ben’s stickerbombed Saxo and George’s Fiesta Zetec S. Along with us on the day was Stuart, Adam, Max and Paul.

While shooting we all figured it’d be a great spot for another car meet so, once I was home and warm, I set about creating an event and trying to drag people to the Best Buy in Hayes just for a car meet. This turned out to become a facebook event with 30 people agreeing to come and number close to 60 people (which sounds like nothing but is impressive by our standards…yes, they’re low) showing up.

This spurred us on to get this blog set up, to get a photography group going, to get all sorts done. We began with the blog, a facebook page, set up another event and more recently got stickers made and a forum running!

The meets are held on the second Saturday of every month outside Sports Direct in Lombardy Retail park just off Coldharbour Lane and the Hayes Bypass from half seven onwards.

Hopefully we’ll see you there!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Guys,

    If you need any help with any hosting design or blog give me a shout, ive worked with 6two1 and ej9.co.uk i host both of there blogs and helped get them running.


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